Roberta Soll Hunt


Roberta Soll Hunt

December 16, 1941 ~ May 25, 2024

Age 82

Born Roberta Lee Soll in Kansas City, Missouri, Roberta was gregarious and outgoing, touching many and creating lasting memories with them throughout her life.  Shortly after her brother Marty was born, the family moved to southern California, and she spent much of her childhood in El Monte.  She was in the first graduating class of Arroyo High School, serving on the committee that chose the school’s colors: black, white and powder blue.  She was also one of the three founding members of the I Love Elvis Fan Club of Southern California.

She went on to attend Cal State Los Angeles, where she studied English and Literature.  Her early professional career included work at the California Teachers Association and a stint as editor of the California State Teachers Union newsletter.  Later, she worked in healthcare credentialing, with much of that time spent with United Health Care.

Throughout her life, Roberta enjoyed travel, especially with close friends and family, and always had a fun story to tell after her trips.  One memorable outing in the 1960s saw Roberta and long-time friend Helene drive from Los Angeles to Panama with a sign “Panama o Nada” on the back of Helene’s VW.  Even close to home, she managed to meet interesting people and participate in amazing experiences, including the time she invited Quentin Crisp to dinner after she saw him speak at UCLA.

Roberta also cared for her mother Sylvia for many years after her father Carroll passed, moving her mother into the home she owned with Michael, her husband at the time.  They also shared their home with a collection of dogs they treasured, and Roberta’s door was always open to her niece and nephews for visits filled with games, food, shopping and fun times together around Orange County and at Balboa Pier.

A fan of body art, she was known throughout southern California and even beyond for her massive collection of tattoos and piercings; she shaved her head and had the entire area tattooed, as well as her chest, arms and back.  The colorful display often turned heads, and she reveled in the opportunity to meet people through the interest she created.  She had a feature article in Tattoo Savage magazine and an appearance as an extra in the movie My First Mister, cast as a tattoo artist.  Roberta herself was also a very creative person; she designed jewelry, could make any article of clothing from scratch without a pattern and also dabbled in graphic design.

Several years after her divorce, she met Doug Hockett, and they were together until his passing in October 2022.  They enjoyed a quiet life together in Santa Ana with their dogs and friends.

Roberta is preceded in death by her partner Doug Hockett; brother Marty Soll; and parents Carroll and Sylvia Soll.

She is survived by many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

A Celebration of Life will be held at a later date.  As a lifelong dog lover, Roberta would have appreciated any memorials be made in her name to the shelter or rescue organization of your choice.


  • Joyce Patton Posted June 12, 2024 9:32 pm

    I first met Roberta in Price Club Fountain Valley. I stopped her in the aisle to marvel over her beautiful body art and jewelry. Many years later, I became her home health nurse. I instantly remembered her. I saw her twice weekly for 2 and a half years. I saw her through moves and hospitalizations. I cried with her over the loss of those she loved. I will never forget her.

  • Ruthie Lonnes Posted June 18, 2024 2:24 pm

    Ro,I am Devastated

    • Lisa Santiago Weber Posted June 19, 2024 12:21 am

      I am debated! She got me my previous job at V Uhg

  • Jaime Fallon (Groman) Posted June 19, 2024 7:28 am

    Roberta was one of my mom’s best friends. She and the “Girls” always made a point to get together for important moments. She used her creative side to help my mom (Marci) decorate our house when we remodeled. It was Roberta that designed the “shabby chic” look of polka dots, stripes, and flowers around our home. She introduced me to belts and the many ways they could be worn. A beautiful soul, may she rest in peace

  • Kathy Butler Posted June 19, 2024 10:02 am

    I met Roberta in the late 60s at California Teachers Association. There were 8 of us who celebrated birthdays and holidays together into Covid days. Then the few of remaining got together via zoom since those days. I treasured Roberta and her fun silliness, creativity and happiness & love. She always amazed us with her creative arts from her card making days to her beautiful body art. Roberta’ was known in our group for her “Is it time for presents yet??” .She and I were on the phone regularly in the last year or so and I’m feeling her loss for sure. I’m grateful for being part of her life and all of our friendships for decades. Definitely family. I know wherever she is, she’s cooking and telling stories and laughing. Miss you my friend.

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